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Wireless Chargers

This standard Wireless charger let’s you charge your smartphone without the need for any messy cables. Print on it anything you want and it becomes perfect corporate gift. Who doesn’t need a charger?

This wireless charger is not only practical but also made from ecologically responsible bamboo. This product is perfect as a gift for your employees, family, or friends. It is compatible with all mobile phones that support QI wireless charging. What are you waiting for? Everyone needs a charger!

This Wireless charger bamboo with pen holder is the perfect detail for your desk. It does not only look great, but it is also functional. This product can charge your phone without wires, meaning that you will have less cable clutter and hold all your pens at the same time. Furthermore, it is made from eco-friendly high quality natural bamboo, making it also a sustainable choice!

Wake up on time knowing that your phone is fully charged and that your product is made from natural materials. This bamboo alarm clock can also wirelessly charge your smartphone, cool right? The perfect gift for everyone with it’s minimalistic design, it’s slick, and modern. Plus its 10W allows for fast charging. This product really is a no-brainer.


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