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USB Sticks

Tired of misplacing USB flash drives ? Check out our USB twister and customise them with your own design, logo or text. Obtain a daily exposure of your company’s brand, advertising your business properly. Create your design and order now branded USB twister for they are sure to make an impression at your next company convention.

The USB Original is a classic USB stick with a cap and has the possibility to attach a key ring.

The USB Micro Twist is made of a solid metal housing and is available in 8 colours. The USB Micro Twist is a small and compact USB stick.

The USB Triangle is small and easy to attach on a set of keys or a phone string. The USB stick is dust free and waterproof.

Store your important documents in a modern, fashionable way! The USB Aluminium Key is available in 4 colours. The housing is strengthened by a steel strip. The memory chip is scratch-resistant, dust free and waterproof – no need for a cap!

The USB Stick Credit Card is ultra thin, 100 % printable area and size of a standard credit card. Both sides can be printed with high-quality full colour print. Individual prints are possible as well, as such Credit Card USB can be used as a business card, for instance.

The Pen with USB is USB stick and pen in one. The newest technology combined with a smart design and high-end appearance. The USB Pen stands out thanks to the combination of the newest technology (Micro UDP chip) and high-quality materials presented in a smart design. Due to the metal housing and rubber finish the pen feels stable in hand. An award-winning promotional item.

The USB Eco Wood is made of wood. A combination of a modern design and sustainable resources. The cap holds on to the USB body thanks to a magnetic lid.


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