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Power banks

Easily charge the devices that keep you coordinated and professional with our customisable round Power bank! This compact aluminium power bank has a built-in lithium battery (2000mAh/3.7V) that can be charged with a USB cable! As handy as it is, we think it’ll look far better with your business’s full colour or engraved logo on it; order now!

Pass on some peace of mind to clients with the slim Power bank! Don’t hesitate to print your logo in up to 4 colours onto these lightweight power banks that are built with a quality lithium battery (2400mAH / 3.7V) to keep your mobile devices powered throughout the day! When gifted to employees and customers, they will discover that these power banks are too practical not to use and will appreciate your brand every time they’re charging on the go! When these power banks run out of juice, it’s only a matter of charging them via USB and you’re good to go once more! Each set comes in a box with instructions, an Iphone Lightning adapter, and a micro-USB cable.

Slim, sustainable and long-lasting, these are the words that come to mind when you think of a bamboo Power bank , and you know what else? Super-stylish-useful-corporate-gift! The bamboo power bank is made of natural bamboo, with a powerful 4000 mAh lithium polymer battery inside! With a USB, micro USB AND USB-c port, no device is left behind when it comes to the Power bank bamboo. The indicator lights add to the design and tell you how much juice is left in your power bank. Get it now!

How often do you take your trusty power bank only to find out you forgot to charge it the night before? What you need is a Solar powered portable charger with 4000 mAh battery! With Power bank solar all of these issues can become problems of the past. Customise your power bank with whatever print you want, even in full colour!

Are you looking for a reliable, powerful power bank to satisfy even the most power-hungry device’s needs? The ability to charge three devices simultaneously using either a USB or a newer USB-C port? Then extra power Power bank is the perfect choice for you! Slick, elegant and with a 10000 C mAh capacity battery, it is the truly practical choice. If your work involves travelling, then nothing beats the Power bank extra power!

Did you know that by simply recycling two PET bottles you can create a brand new recycled Power bank? Other than the battery itself of course (which is made of a high-quality lithium polymer) the entire casing and even the textile design is made from 100% RPET. Not only fully sustainable, this power bank packs a punch! The battery has a 5000 mAh capacity! What are you waiting for? Order yours now!


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