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Phone Grips

Nowadays, it seems like almost everybody is constantly glued to their phone. Therefore, what better place to add your company logo than on the back of smartphones? That’s why the Phone grip is the ideal corporate gift! The Phone Grip is an inexpensive, yet extremely handy gadget that makes holding your smartphone more comfortable, as well as making selfies easier to take.

Are you looking for the ideal corporate gift? Creative and inexpensive, the wooden Phone grip is a handy and smart way to get your brand out there. The age of technology is upon us, so take advantage and Pop your business into their hands! This Pop socket has an elegant aluminium frame with a wood finish overlay. Check it out!

Looking for a way to turn your phone into the ultimate multi-purpose tool? With the Phone grip with card holder, we got you covered! No longer would you have to fill your pockets with a long list of items. From now on grab your phone and keys and off you go! Did we mention that this is the ideal corporate gift? due to the price, originality and its practical, your brand logo will always be at arm’s length from your target audience.


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