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Jute Bags

Do you want to provide your customers with a quality and sustainable basic jute bag? Perfect for shopping or to use as a beautiful gift bag! These jute bags are durable and easy to carry. They also give your brand a premium aspect and are sustainable! Act for the environment and your customers at the same time by ordering these Jute bags.

Give back to your customers! Get them these useful premium Jute Bags, which are not only practical, but also display your logo beautifully. Thanks to the strong handles and sturdy fabric, this jute bag can carry all kinds of objects. This bag is single colour and single sided printed.

Make everyone jealous of your bag with our unique Jute Beach Bags! Made with a combination of 100% jute (sides) and cotton (front & back) material, this bag is the ideal shopping bag size that’ll conveniently carry your belongings. Also great as a beach bag, the product’s two-tone colours makes this handy helper a real eye catcher. Even better, the cotton’s neutral tone ensures your logo printed in full colour will definitely be noticed!

The environmentally friendly Jute Shopper Bags Colour will make all your customers happy. You can get it in 4 different colours to match your printed logo perfectly. It’s great for shopping or to use as a beautiful gift bag! These jute bags are durable, easy to carry and will last you a long time!



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