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Corona Apparel

Provide a safe workplace for your staff and customers with these safety vests. The safety vests come in various different sizes and have adjustable Velcro straps. The fluorescent colours and reflective striping give your employees extra visibility. We have prepared the design for you! “Keep 2 metre distance” is printed on the back.

Keeping our distance is key to ensure everyone’s safety. Wear these premium anti COVID-19 T-shirts to create awareness and use it as a reminder for both your customers and employees.This T-shirt design displays a brain and heart holding hands and includes the following text: “Stay safe: keep 2 metres away!”

Use these safe-from-corona buttons and keep everyone safe by enforcing safety distances.
Make sure your employees can work safely with these eye-catching and clear buttons. In this way, it is immediately clear to everyone that a distance of 1 metre must be observed. The employee can now easily point to his button and there is no need for discussion. Make sure that these heroes can also work safely!
Text: “If you can read what it says here, it is better that you stand back”.



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